This non-disciplinary transversal teaching unit offered for all students regardless of their specialization aims to either know how to analyze and interpret autonomously data from experimental or clinical research, or, if these skills are already acquired, to update their knowledge in terms of physiology / pathophysiology and characterization of the major pathologies on which research is focused at the University of Lille (Cancer - Diabetes and cardiovascular diseases - Neurosciences - Inflammation, immunity and infection).

Block of Skills and Knowledge -BCC 3: Develop and implement an experimental approach in Biology and Health.

Elective teaching: 2 teaching subunits (1 choice from 2)

Test: written test

The purpose of this non-disciplinary teaching unit is to provide knowledge regarding the organization of research in France and at the international level, the regulations in bio-medical research and principles of ethics applied to research. It incorporates a presentation of the various research positions and exchanges with professionals.

This non-disciplinary cross-sectional teaching unit aims to allow each student to prepare the research project they will personally conduct during the year of M2.