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Faculté de Médecine de Lille
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Specialized options

Each student must choose one of six options

Academic coordinators :
K. Dujardin, F. Allain


Increase knowledge on specialized domains related to the topic of the student's research project.

6 specialized options:
Each specialized option proposes several seminars.

Each student must choose a number of seminars for the equivalent of at least 8 days (eg 3 seminar 2 days and 2 seminar one day).

Six specialized options

Option A
Structural and dynamical analysis of biological processes (I. Fournier, F. Lafont, D. Huglo)

Option B
Neurosciences (B. Bastide, D. Blum, D. Deplanque)

Option C
Diabetes, metabolic and cardio-vascular diseases (A. Tailleux, C. Breton, E. Van Belle)

Option D
Biological and clinical oncology (M. Duterque, X. Le Bourhis, C. Preudhomme)

Option E
Methods in epidemiology and in evaluation of health products (A. Duhamel, F. Richard, B. Dervaux)

Option F
Immunity, inflammation and infection (S. Dubucquoi, J-M Lacroix, J-C Sirard)

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- Literature-based thesis related to the seminars
- Oral presentation
- Ratings take into account the thesis (25%), the oral presentation (25%) and answer to questions (50%)

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