Master Biologie Santé
Faculté de Médecine de Lille
Pôle Formation
F-59045 Lille Cedex
Tél. : +33 (0)3 20 62 35 32

Master of Biology and Health Science (2nd year)

The Master of Biology and Health Science (MBHS) degree program is designed for scientific and medical students interested in graduate-level preparation for careers in biology, medicine and related health sciences. Many of our MBHS students are planning to pursue advanced graduate work (PhD), or a career in medicine (staff in public hospital and university), or a position in industry or public health.

The University of Lille is accredited to deliver the master's degree. The teaching teams of both university sites are involved in training, as well as many French national research institutions senior scientists who are affiliated to the Biology and Health Science graduate school (EDBSL). 

Head and academic coordonators

Biology section
Pr. Fabrice ALLAIN
Unité de Glycobiologie Structurale et Fonctionnelle
UMR 8576 - CNRS bâtiment C9
59655 Villeneuve d’Ascq cedex

Health sciences section
Inserm, U1171
Faculté de Médecine de Lille
Université de Lille

Administration staff

Administrative coordonator
Fabienne BALCAEN
Tél. 03 20 62 35 32 - fabienne.balcaen(at) 

Faculté de Médecine de Lille
Bureau Master Biologie Santé
59045 Lille Cedex

Bureau (4ème étage du Pôle Formation) ouvert du lundi au vendredi (sauf le mercredi) de 9h30 à 12h et de 14h à 16h.


Application requirements

Those applying from inside the European Community should have obtained 60 European credits of transfer (ECTS) in a master degree in Biology or Health Sciences (first year). The credits should have been completed at an accredited institution for graduate-level credit. All courses should have an equivalent course within the MBHS program.

Those applying from outside the European Community, should see our international department

Application 2020/2021

Prepare your application
This document is not the official application form. It is useful to prepare your application. The application form will be available from May 15, 2020.

Health sciences section

Information candidats (màj 11/2/20)
Abstract type (doc. Word) (màj 11/2/20)
Attestation sur l’honneur (doc. Word) (màj 11/2/20)

Biology section 
Information candidats (màj 11/2/20) 
Abstract type (doc. Word) (màj 11/2/20)

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Research projects 2020/2021

20Research projects 2020/2021 (FR) (18/3/20)

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The courses take place during the first term (from early September to mid January). The second term is completely devoted to the research project. The program culminates with the writing of a thesis based on the research project.
Research teams (update 16/3/15)

There is great flexibility in the program; a student’s coursework is based on a core set of basic science course requirements and a number of electives whose selection depends upon a student’s background and career aspirations. Students have to choose one option within six:

- Structural and dynamical analysis of biological processes
- Neurosciences
- Diabetes, metabolic and cardio-vascular diseases
- Biological and clinical oncology
- Methodology in epidemiology and in evaluation of health products
- Immunity, inflammation and infection

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Studies regulation

Règlement des études 2018/19 (FR) (màj 13/11/18)

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• Literature-based thesis
• Research-based thesis

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